Solar Shine Carwash Services

Car Wash

6 Self-Serve wash bays offering 5 different wash methods. 4 super vacuums- 3 motors
Large vending machine with wash and detailing supplies.
Wash Bays accept cash and credit cards. 2 change machines that dispense quarters and dollar coins. Bonus given in wash bay for dollar coin, it is worth $1.25 in the bay.


30% more power on our vacuums compared to other car washes. Our vacs have 3 motors.


Presoak - Low pressure application of surfactant based soap that loosen road film and allows it to be washed off the vehicle with the high pressure wash cycle. Soak entire vehicle then use high pressure wash to remove all dirt and road film. Use this presoak for a touchless method of cleaning your vehicle. Finish with high pressure spotless rinse cycle

Foam Brush

Foam Brush - Brush foams a special soap to loosen road film. Before brushing vehicle use high pressure wash cycle to remove grit from surface of the vehicle. Then brush entire vehicle and finish with high pressure spotless rinse cycle.

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